Creating priceless works of art

Your Equine Photography Session

One day these images will be priceless. We all have hundreds of competitive photos and while they show off our horse's talent and athletic ability, they don't show that special bond that exists between horse and rider. My goal in every session is to capture that relationship in a beautiful piece of artwork that you can treasure for all time.

With over 16 years of experience producing and directing talent, I am able to make even the most uncomfortable person look relaxed. The natural authentic look is what we are after.

I love when I'm out on a shoot, the horse looks amazing, the client is gorgeous, and all of a sudden there is.. that connection and I just know... thats the shot.

There's nothing quite as special as the bond between horse and rider. If you're like me, as soon as I get to the barn and see her everything eles fades away. When I am with her, I am present and truly happy. They test us, trust us, and teach us. Lets treasure that. Giddy up!

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